Positive progress

Your thoughts have a very strong influence on your life, control your thoughts control your life. It’s not that simple since there are other factors you need to look out for. Your surroundings have an impact on how you feel, if you feel out of place you’ll notice that in your thoughts. So if you learn how to go with the flow and follow that intuitive energy in yourself you’ll reap great results, combined with a positive mind devoid of negativity, you’re practically unstoppable. Also for those with a fixed purpose in life, it is much easier to stay on the right path

A story to tell?

Enhance your storytelling skills on this wonderful little platform:


You have the possibility to redirect other’s stories or start your own in this so called ‘hotseat’ storytelling-game. You can write a part in someone else’s story and vice versa.
There is also a wonderful feature that allow other users to give you feedback on your writing skills.

Enjoy this great tool!