This wrong new system

Don’t you think it’s hilarious how humanity is ruining it’s chances of surviving by choosing greed and overindulgence over saving the planet? Yes, I put that rather simply, I didn’t want to make it complicated.You can be ignorant as much as you like, it won’t change the fact that we, humans, we that rely so much on this earth and it’s resources, are consciously screwing up this whole planet. Only man could be so selfish, so dumb, so ignorant to put his individual ‘needs’ above that of a whole planet. How does it seem like an acceptable thing to make life unlivable for practically all animals? What makes us so much better? Right, we shouldn’t be doing this. And for what? We want the economy to get bigger! Let’s do that and enslave millions to achieve it! Who cares about air quality right? Breathing isn’t something essential, right? Water, tsss, who needs that? Let’s use it to flush our toilets! Let’s cut down trees to make paper, the things that make the air better. Let’s also use that paper to wipe our asses. Good thinking! 

Maybe we should start a war, so we can make some more profit. After all it’s good for the economy and I’ll be able to create some more jobs to feed the economy. We’ll need a false flag, something that gives us a reason to attack. Let’s assassinate someone important and yell it was some kind of terrorist/opposition group! Let’s see who’s got a lot of good, useful resources. Iran? Let’s do this! And up goes the weapon production! You’ll need ammo, armor, tanks and planes too! Oh and a lot of innocent young men, to go to an area filled with hostile people. The more there are, the longer we can stay, there’ll be more of them to shoot at. 

Profits, ‘growth’ and ‘riches’. I haven’t even written half of this horrible stuff down and it’s already a big list, let’s leave it at that.

Universal space

Isn’t it special to know that there is this enormous universe out there? I bet you hadn’t thought of that yet today. It’s infinite, if you were to plan a little trip you could just keep going, deep into space. Could you actually call it deep or far when it’s infinite? I wonder. Imagine you could just breathe in space without any equipment, now that could be an awesome hobby. You want to go spacewalking? I’m up for it! Then while you’re passing the stars you become a little disappointed when you notice they look brown and rocky. You’ve promised your mom that you wouldn’t go to close to the sun, but the next week they get the news someone got turned into ashes, it was you. That’s how space laws came into place. The meaning of being a star, drastically changes, now they become a lot more common. Space is universal.

Climb the mountain

If you were to climb the highest mountain, how would  you do it? Would you use handy instruments and shortcuts? Would you just walk up? Maybe take a little break once in a while? Would you rather take a plane up? The way up is paved with good intentions, you first need to start, this seems like something most people don’t even do. You might use many things that you find helpful, but they shouldn’t become crutches for you to lean upon. If they fall away you’re pretty much lost. You’ll experience a setback here and there, but you shouldn’t be discouraged by that. Those little ‘bad’ things are an opportunity to rise back up bigger and higher, because that’s what will happen if you don’t give up.


When you reach the point on which you feel like it would be much better to give up, you absolutely shouldn’t. It’s exactly that moment that you have to pass in order to achieve bigger successes and those moments will pop up again certainly. All these challenges make you stronger and hopefully better too. Remember to climb your own mountain, don’t go for the paved path that someone else has walked, that’s simply not the way it works. Start climbing and keep climbing, in your own way, it’ll make you more authentic too.

No more violence

It’s just too easy to use violence. Usually people start off with some good old scolding which then progresses into physical agression, it happens every day. We must recognize what causes people to act the way they do. A person might have to cope with great stress at work, but he doesn’t know how to handle it. Thus he gets it out of his system by punching someone in the eye. Now he can relax for a while. Certainly there is always a cause, sometimes clear, sometimes hidden. We must realize that our reaction to these causes doesn’t have to be violent at all. Violence and agression is always a choice, unless you have some kind of disorder. You might traumatize someone by beating them up, but you will hurt yourself in a more subtle, but equally harmful way. There is a deep sense of calm within you, reach out to that point.

Titanic II

Aussie mining tycoon Clive Palmer has plans to build a second version of the notorious Titanic. It’s a great idea and this billionaire has all the money to realize it. Think of all the people that have seen the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, if they liked it they’ll certainly want to go on a cruise on that ship. Those silly people recreating this scene:



The ship will have all the original luxuries but will of course be completely modernized. The businessman doesn’t want to reveal the costs, which will of course be enormous! It’s surefire way to make some cold hard cash, even if it’s not very original. That shouldn’t be a problem though, think of all the video game rip-offs that turn into instant hypes.  


Jamaica about to legalize it

Now lots of countries are realizing that legalizing marijuana means a huge tax income boost, it’s starting to happen all over the world. People who want to use it will not have to hang around shady dealers anymore, which is a big plus. If you legalize the production too, you make sure that gangs and cartels don’t make any money off it. If you really want to rule them out in the drug department you should legalize all of these stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens etc… It might seem like a ballsy move but it would vastly lower the deaths caused by drug wars of any kind. There are however a few expected cons to taking this measure. When gangs, mafiosi and the like can’t sell drugs anymore they’ll start to focus on other things more. We might see a rise in extortion, pickpocketing and slavery, the sale of weapons etc… The governments/companies should offer the drugs at reasonable prices, otherwise you’re creating a black market again, same goes for the potency. We must accept that most countries won’t legalize this because of moral issues, but just because they want some extra budget. That cash should be used for good purposes as far as we can help it, say funding schools and scholars or pensions. Perhaps even public transport, wouldn’t it be nice to take have free buses and trains because people can enjoy their weed? It could be put handled the same way as alcohol, which is a dangerous, addictive drug. Doing this will create massive economic possibilities, we can all profit if we do this right.It might seem a bit odd that Jamaica hadn’t legalized it already, since they’re labeled as such a weed-loving country, but now they’re finally thinking of it. Bob Marley and Peter Tosh would applaud it!

Black supremacy movements

Today in the West, there is this conception that racism is purely a matter of whites discriminating blacks. I’d like to take a moment and make clear that black people can be racist too. Any race can be racists towards other races, it doesn’t even matter if you’re black, white, brown or yellow. Still the media seem to turn a blind eye to this fact. There are movements that are radically against anything white too, these are just as bad as the ‘traditional’ racist groups. They refer to the fact that white people colonized Africa and other parts of the world and apparently that gives them the right to to be racist towards white people, to be mad at them. While those things were absolutely horrible, but the way these groups look at this is a bit irrational. It happened in the past, they might have been the ancestors of the white people living now, but those living now have done nothing even remotely close to those cruelties. Generalization is never a good thing, it shouldn’t happen on either side of the spectrum. Racism is simply idiotic, we’re all humans, we’re all one.