Input/output, AC/DC

You have always been curious, learning all those great things. Reading those randomly interesting books like they’re the next best thing. I certainly could not pretend, you’re like one of those owls with glasses. Every word is a victory, you believed it and that’s what made it true. It’s about taking that wisdom you gained from those words and pouring that into the sentences you write. Your brains are like a converter, if you put something good in, good ideas will come out of you. If you’re feeded negative rubbish, you and other people will have to cope with the bad results.

Relaxing and not working

I’m sitting down in my beach chair. The sunshine is touching my cheeks, it makes me glow. I don’t care about anything, my music is like an extra bed to lay on. Everybody is so nice, they’re walking around in their beach chairs. I’m not doing that, sit down and don’t do anything. My mind isn’t telling me much, but I know there is wine in my cellar. I feel pretty high and I’m sinking into the sand. The sea comes to say hello every four seconds, just to go away again. I know I can go swimming anytime, just letting my body float along those waves. No, I’m not going to work, I’m going to relax and travel. This sounds like a plan and I feel like nobody should work all day. Certainly there are better ways than this.

He entered the cathedral, it looked like a golden palace.


As he looked around in awe, he started noticing a feeling of wonder.  The mosaics came to life, the marble floors were filled with saints. He lied down on the floor in the middle of the building. As he looked up into the dome of the cathedral, he saw the dove of peace.


His eyes were forced on this point, the wings suddenly broke free. The dove flew down and sat on his hand. His eyes filled with tears as the bird flew through the top of the dome. After lying down for a while, he went outside. The world was shining brightly, all wars had permanently ended. Peace.

Johann Sebastian Bach

All things calm down in this amazing sequence of sounds. Perfectly created by the master himself. He crafted dreams through sound, brewing waterfalls of bliss that slowly enter your ears. Filling your head with flowers, strongly smelling. At first you might not grasp the concept of it all, but if you give Bach some time he’ll show you a world full of wonder. Planting a seed that sprouts a tree of wisdom, he captures your thoughts.

Just a little bit stuck in thoughts at the moment, I will find a way to get out of this little rut.

Followers and the followed

All the followers you have on WordPress are like little building blocks, making you bigger. Some blocks are bigger than others, a popular blogger has a bigger impact on your ‘size’ than one who doesn’t have any followers. These people liked your content, they like the topics you write about and how you describe them. Followers can give you that little pat on the back when you don’t feel motivated, when you need a little bit of appreciation. You can write great content, but if you have no followers to share it with, you probably won’t reach very much people. They make you stand out, even if you don’t show people how much followers you have, your reach is so much higher. All those little pieces of the puzzle make your puzzle big!